It has been our goal from the word “go” to create and sustain a fully volunteer nonprofit organization with the primary focus on providing grants DIRECTLY to Iowa patients and their families who are battling blood cancer. Again, the emphasis is on getting the donated money directly into the hands of patients who are in financial need due to their blood cancer treatment.

Collateral Damage of Blood Cancer Treatment

  • While there are some tremendous resources for information and treatment of blood cancers including organizations whose primary goal is for research and development, we noticed a huge hole/gap when it comes to helping Iowa families with the financial burden this diagnosis carries.
  • As if getting the horrific news that you or your loved one has been diagnosed with blood cancer wasn’t bad enough, imagine the additional financial questions that must also be addressed:
    • How will I pay for the travel and lodging expense if the treatment center is in a completely different city or state?
    • What happens when I run out of paid time-off (vacation/sick) from my job because I need to be away from work to seek treatment?
    • What if I get fired from my job due to the amount of time off needed to seek treatment for me or a loved one?
  • As we all know, life (and all the bills that come with it) still rack up even though this diagnosis will sap additional financial resources… this is the COLLATERAL DAMAGE of blood cancer treatment and for those Iowa families who do NOT have the financial wherewithal to sustain this, Family Cancer Network steps in to provide these families with direct financial assistance.

Background, vision & strategy

In 2015, a team of Des Moines area dedicated volunteers, seeking a world without cancer, came together to establish the 1st Annual Blood, Sweat & Beers 5k Run/Walk to provide awareness and financial support for Iowa patients and families impacted by cancer.

We are honored to share that since we are a 100% volunteer organization, all proceeds from event day and generous donations from area supporters and organizations can go to support Iowa patients and families. Our run/walk event and donation services have gained anticipated traction, and will soon be covered in additional locations throughout the state – bringing the mission of supporting patients and their families closer to local communities that need it.

Our success is rooted within the countless hours of volunteer service from the people and sponsors who are committed to making a tangible difference in the lives of Iowa families battling cancer. Our efforts would not be remotely possible without the support of these volunteers and sponsors. We are grateful, and hopeful as we all look to a future without cancer!

Our volunteers serve in many roles. They provide general administrative support, event day help, and assistance in our fundraising and marketing efforts at every level. To learn more about how to get involved as a volunteer, please visit our Volunteer page.

Our vision is a future without cancer, and to be Iowa’s foremost run event raising funds, awareness and support for Iowa cancer programs, patients and their families. We look forward to expanding our reach and to creating run programs throughout Iowa; enabling local communities to create a Blood, Sweat & Beers event, which will strengthen our statewide network of support and direct impact on the lives of Iowa patients and their families.